Why Invest With PFI?

  • Over 35 years of safe, reliable investment returns at an average rate of 10% per year - good times and bad.
  • The company owns and manages good quality properties with solid and consistent rental histories : Low vacancy rates and steady rental increases.
  • With a long-term philosophy, the company maintains the properties in a "Pride of Ownership". High quality, manner, the company is constantly improving the properties and actively monitors any potential deferred maintenance.
  • The company has specialized in the Marin market for over 35 years and the staff is extremely knowledgeable as to the details of the local market and investment possibilities.
  • The company has a very experienced investment, accounting and property management staff with extensive professional resumes.
  • No Investor has ever lost money.
  • Investors have received investment checks 100% of the time as obligated, and, for 35 years, all payments have been on time.


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