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August 1, 2014

PFI Incorporated - Friday, August 01, 2014











































Watergate investigation leads to the resignation of President Nixon in August 1974 .

The Vice-President Gerald Ford was sworn in as President .


“ CABARET ” is the big show with Liza Minnelli and Joel Grey.


As the Viet Nam war ends … and political changes are happening…. the population growth is slowing as the American families have an average of

2.08 children. ( the no-growth rate is 2.1). The drop in births is due....

----------In part the result of a poor economy .

----------More single and working women .

----------Legalization of abortion .


And in the was bad times

From January 1972 to 1974 the growth rate in the Economy took a breathtaking drop from a 7.2% growth to a (-2.1% ) contraction .... a 9.3% decline in growth in a 2 year period ....that’s big !!


Dow Jones Average dropped 45%....ouch !

****************************************************************** 1973 .........OPEC Proclaimed an oil embargo .

Price of oil increased from $3 per barrel $12 per barrel .

Gasoline rationing began with lines up to 6 miles at gas stations . Purchases were limited to $2-$3 per automobile .

The Academy Award.... “A touch of Class ”....with Glenda Jackson .










The Nation’s second largest metropolitan area

Is home to just 5 Fortune 500 company headquarters .

Attracts just 1/10th the venture capital of Silicon Valley , despite its much bigger size .

Is in the State of California , ranked No.50 by Chief Executive magazine , as the country’s worst business climate .

Los Angeles is a case study in disastrous policies that have led to economic decline :

From 1993 to 2013 lost 3.1 % of its jobs….ranking the city dead last in job growth among the top 32 metropolitan areas !!

UCLA ‘s School of Business reported this year that Los Angeles had turned into a “ poverty factory ” that is worse than Detroit .

It forecast a bleak future based on its high taxes , burdensome regulations and hostility to business .

And , the L.A. City Council’s recent report reveals the city’s endemic poverty , a result of its “ sanctuary-city ” laws that bring in low-skilled workers , who use City services , and compete for jobs with existing low- skilled workers , which drives wages down .

When you consider what L.A. used to be – a beacon of aerospace , clothing , food and film production , with the world’s busiest ports – and what it is now – which is an exporter of old clothes and scrap metal ……….very sad .

And talking about kicking the dog when its down……..well….hate to say it ……… but Los Angeles... in 2013….was the second worst city for dog bites............. suffered by letter carriers ............with 61 dog bites .

It was the worst city in 2012 .

( Houston was the worst this year - 63 dog bites….. )




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